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Speakers are an important part of the proptech industry. They offer valuable insights, knowledge and experience that can help propel the sector forward. As sponsors, partners and investors in proptech, speakers have a vested interest in seeing this field succeed and grow. Traditional real estate professionals also benefit from attending events featuring these speakers as they can gain new perspectives on how to use technology to improve their business practices. 

Creators such as software developers or designers are also essential components of any successful proptech venture because they bring innovative solutions to existing problems within the industry while influencers spread awareness about emerging trends or products related to property technology which helps increase its visibility among potential customers or users. 

Overall, having knowledgeable speakers at conferences dedicated solely towards advancing prop tech is invaluable for both participants looking for guidance as well as those already involved with this sector who want more information on what’s happening within it so that they may stay up-to-date with current developments in order remain competitive within their respective markets over time


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Hosted by Liberty Madison

The PropTech House 

The inaugural kick-off of The PropTech House x SXSW is hosted by Liberty Madison, #ThatTechGirl

The PropTech House

Stu Krieger

    Liberty Madison

Jeremy Sigmon

David Cao

Arthur Bernier Jr

Daniel Giblett

Sarah Talkington

Pliny Fisk III

Baylor Barbee

Sunny Snecker

Philip Michael

Kelly Worden

Keith Newman

Chloe Waller

Cyrus Harbin



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Funding and investing in Founders building disruptive technology



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Those being displaced by advanced technology.




Traditional real estate investors



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Building smart homes.



Shareable Economy

Reimagine your commercial and residential space.



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Creators, influencers, and podcasters to amplify your content